Walking Inspiration Newsletter Issue 1 Winter 2018


Walking Inspiration Newsletter Issue 1 Winter 2018

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Walking is the easiest way to get in shape and stay in shape! Walking Inspiration is our quarterly newsletter with articles on walking, fitness, nutrition, and mindset.

Each issue is released with the changing seasons.

Please enjoy this COMPLIMENTARY issue of Walking Inspiration!

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Walking Inspiration Issue 1 table of contents:

  • Message from Frank: Why I Walk

  • The Warm-up

  • How to Get Out the Door

  • Walking Photos – What I See on the Road

  • Walking in Cold Weather… Layers

  • Fitness on the Road: Pushups

  • Are You Ready to Feel Great?

  • Equipment Review: Walking Shoes vs Sneakers

  • How Do We Make Our Bodies Healthy?

  • The Cool-down