How to Make Chicken Soup Quick and Easy Video

Learn How to Make Chicken Soup Quick and Easy!

Learn how to make chicken soup quick and easy!

Do you want to save time and bring good nutrition and taste to your meals? Follow along for this quick and easy chicken soup recipe and also learn the top 5 benefits of chicken soup.

Welcome to the first video in the Nutrition for Walkers Series from Walking for Health and Fitness. Today’s Nutrition for Walkers video is How to Make Chicken Soup Quick and Easy

The basics of this recipe have been in my family for years. I just supercharged it to be nutritious, delicious, and a time saver. 

In this video, I’m not going to show you how to cut, chop, dice, stir, or turn on the stove. A very quick timeline of images will play. You’ll see the process from ingredients to the soup in my bowl. In between I’ll show you the top 5 benefits of chicken soup.

Walking for Health and Fitness is the easiest way to get in shape and stay in shape. But first and foremost, we need to eat right! 

Download the recipe here: Walk More Miles Chicken Soup

5 Benefits of Chicken Soup

1.  Chicken soup has been shown to strengthen the immune response to fight off the cold virus and inhibit cold symptoms. This also prevents the spread of colds.

2.  Chicken soup keeps you hydrated because it’s filled with electrolytes.

3.  Adding onions, celery, carrots, red pepper, chicken supercharge this staple and boost its antioxidant property.(**add turmeric and garlic to this)

4.  Adding a pasta such as Tubittini adds a carbohydrate to it. This in turn gives you that feeling of being full and satisfied. 

5.  A warm home cooked meal gives you a psychological boost. This is the ultimate comfort food for a quick lift of your spirits!

Your “Next Step”

Follow my recipe for How to Make Chicken Soup Quick and Easy.

Make up a pot of soup and eat it often. While you don’t have to make a big a pot as I do, just knowing it’s in the refrigerator, ready to warm up at a moment’s notice is reassuring after a long day of work or long walk.

 How to Make Chicken Soup Quick and Easy

Walk on,

PS Share this recipe with someone you love… maybe they’ll make it for you!