Count Your Daily Miles Towards the Appalachian Trail

I just started walking the Appalachian Trail, would you like to join me? No need to bring your backpacks or tents though, I am walking the AT using an iPhone app called “Walk The Distance”.

The app reads my walking distance recorded in the Health App and shows me on a map where I would be if I walked the same distance on the Appalachian Trail. I use Strava to track my walking which I then sync with the Health App, but the Health App tracks your walking automatically using the iPhone’s built in pedometer, so no external tracking app/device is necessary.

Here I am just over 44 miles into Part 1 of the Appalachian Trail:

Walk the Distance - Walking for Health and Fitness.jpg

Along the way, Walk the Distance will feature scenic image, landmarks, and information about the AT.

Walking for Health and Fitness Walking the Distance App.jpg

The app shows me where I am in relation to other users as well. If you choose to enable notifications, you will get push notification when you pass another user as well as when you reach checkpoints that are placed along the way.

I find this app keeps me motivated to hit the very important 10,000 steps a day goal (see why its so important in my last blog post, Does 10,000 Steps Keep the Doctor Away?

The app is free to try out (first 2 parts of the Appalachian Trail are free), and right now you can purchase the entire Appalachian Trail (>2000 miles) for $2.99 US (normally $4.99 US). To me, it’s well worth the purchase.

I hope to see you out on the Appalachian Trail!

Walk on,