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Walking for Health and Fitness is a health, fitness, and wellness website dedicated to walking and all the physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits that comes from it in order to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle!

  • Caution: The Information contained on Walking for Health and Fitness may cause you to feel better than you have ever felt in your entire life! 

  • Symptoms Include: A broader smile, happier disposition, brighter outlook on life, and general feelings of bliss…proceed with wild abandon!

Whether you are a beginning walker or just looking to change up your fitness routine, the information on the Walking for Health and Fitness website will show you how walking is...


Why am I so enthusiastic about walking for health and fitness?

Well, I’ll give you 3 reasons:

  1. It’s free.

  2. It’s easy to do.

  3. It’s easy on your muscles, joints, and bones!


Think about the tortoise and the hare!

When you step back and take a long-term view at the benefits of walking for health and fitness, you’ll see it makes so much sense to slow yourself down in order to continue walking well into...Read my complete Walking for Health and Fitness first blog post!

Blog Post: Walking for health and fitness

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New from Walking for Health and Fitness


I discovered the pleasure of walking and more importantly the benefits to my mindset!

Practitioners of meditation will tell you that the time spent in the practice will slow down your day and allow you to accomplish more.

Walking has done the same for me, and more!

The longer I spend walking (and enjoying the physical movement and the mindset stimulation) the more I seem to get accomplished in the day!

Walking Affirmations: How to Get a Mental Boost with Every Walk

Have you tried other programs to get in shape; running, boot camp, weight-training, only to fall short of your goals due to injury, lack of motivation, or just the fact that you disliked doing the exercise?



  • WALK



Tired of doctor’s visits, prescriptions, lost time at work and the lessened quality of life due to preventable illness; these all add up to a significant sum of time and money.

That was me a short while ago. Injured from running and lifting, out of work on medical leave due to a herniated disk, and quite honestly I was…Read More >>>


Walking for Health and Fitness: the audiobook

Audio books and walking are a perfect fit!

Audio books and walking are a perfect fit!

Get the latest information on how walking is the easiest way to get in shape and stay in shape!

Walking for Health and Fitness is proud to introduce the audiobook version, and bonus 39-page Fitness Movement Guide of the popular Walking for Health and Fitness eBook.

This 2-hour 49-minute audiobook is read by the author and allows you to enjoy great walking information while… you’re out walking!

Included with the audio version of the eBook is a BONUS 39-page Fitness Movement Guide to the warm-up, cool-down, stretching, and strength training routines described in the book.

I felt that just describing the movements in the audio version did not do justice to the information I wanted to convey to my audience!

Benefits of listening to audiobooks include:

  • Multi-Tasking: Audiobooks make it easy to listen to the story or facts being discussed while still being able to engage with other activities. The best feature is that audiobooks can start and stop whenever you want. For example, when I first started listening to audiobooks, I found it really rewarding to pause the recording, sit down at my computer and research a topic or piece of information. You can also listen to audiobooks while you are walking!

  • Speed Listening: Many people prefer to listen to audiobooks on 2 times speed as an alternative to speed reading. It sounds more complicated than it is, but you would be surprised how easy it is to listen at a faster speed. Speed listening allows users to make the most of their learning time.

  • It’s soothing: I love being read to. I’m not sure why, but I find it very soothing. In fact, I can’t listen in bed because I’ll fall asleep, it’s so relaxing.


Read what people are saying about walking for health and fitness:

“Walking for Health and Fitness has given me both the education and motivation I never even knew I was missing! I work close to 9+ hrs, where sitting at a desk all day would leave me with barely any energy to cook dinner. Now, whether it be “pleasure walking” or “high intensity walking”, it keeps me energized and definitely helps me de-stress after a long day.  I make sure to start or end each day with these very important steps. Thanks again for opening my eyes to all the benefits walking can bring!”
-Leanne T. Queens, NY

“The act of walking is a simple one that most of us take for granted: it is an action that we do out of necessity to get from one place to another. In this age of convenience, however, it’s also something that is generationally being done less and less, with unfortunate results. 

Frank has taken the simple act of walking and has written about in such a way that makes us conscious of the power of movement. He offers an easy-to-follow plan that creates a real sense of purpose, and urges readers to get back into the primal habit of simply moving. 

Walking for Health and Fitness reminds us that walking is for everyone, and that without a gym membership or fancy athleisure-wear, everybody can take control of their health and wellness, reconnect with nature, and prime their bodies to function at an optimal level.”

 -Lauren P. Hasbrouck Heights, NJ



Why Walking for Health and Fitness right for you:

1. Feel confident with my clear concise information to get you out the door and quickly on your way to good health and fitness

2. Easy to read and apply the Walking for Health and Fitness strategy to getting in shape

3. Learn my easy plan-of-action to get you to take action

4. Learn the right way to warm up and avoid injury

5. Learn how to stay motivated even on the toughest days

Are you ready to walk your way to health and fitness?

Are you ready to walk your way to health and fitness?

Out of SHAPE?


Feeling sluggish?

We’ve all experienced the above, and if you’re like most people you begin to look for a solution only to get bogged down by the overwhelming number of choices.

Whether it’s the newest infomercial product, fitness gadget, new fad diet, or gym membership it comes down to you actually using the product or service.

The problem is that you need to work-out with strangers, dress in special expensive tight fitting clothing (at a time you feel the most out of shape), travel miles away to the gym, and experience a number of other barriers to you getting into shape.

What if I told you there is a better way?

What if I told you it’s convenient, and has no special equipment?

What if I told you it’s something you’ve done your entire life?

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The latest video created by Walking for Health and Fitness

How exactly can you stay motivated to walk day after day? It’s easy to stay motivated when you know your why (video 1) and you can get yourself into the zone (Video 2).

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I created the walking for health and fitness program to highlight the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of walking  in order to achieve a balanced lifestyle!

The Walking for Health and Fitness channel will provide video’s on the benefits of walking, fitness exercises to enhance the walking experience, safety concerns, and how to get in shape the easy way.

Check back for more videos on the benefits of walking. 

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Walking for Health and Fitness

Walking for Health and Fitness is a health, fitness, and wellness website, E-book, and complete digital program dedicated to walking and all the physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits that come from it in order to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle!

Join us at Walking for Health and Fitness for the best walking information including, how to walk to stay fit, walking and mindset, walking fitness videos, safety videos, and nutritional information for walkers.


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