11 Benefits of Pushups for a Stronger Body

11 Benefits of Pushups for a Stronger Body

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Pushups are a complete movement, meaning they activate nearly every muscle in the body which will give you more muscle tone and increased endurance.

Walking is a great activity to get you into shape. Walking increases your cardiovascular output to strengthen your heart. The rhythm of the stride also has a calming effect on your entire nervous system. Along with these benefits, walking gives you time to incorporate other healthy activities such as doing pushups during your walk. 

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The best way to get pushups into your walking routine is to stop periodically in a safe location, drop down and begin doing your pushups!

Here are 11 benefits of pushups for a stronger body

   It’s Free: Pushups fatigue major and minor muscle groups. This provides the same benefits as a traditional full body exercise performed at the gym.

   Save Time: Five minutes of doing pushups will give you a full body workout. You can quickly change hand and feet placement to target muscles from a different angle.

   Increase Functional Strength: Just about every muscle in your body is used in the execution of this exercise.

   Stretch Muscles for Health and Vitality:Your back and biceps get fully stretched doing the pushup movement. This leads to a solid and attractive appearance.

   Boost Your Cardiovascular System: Your heart works harder when you engage large muscle groups, which leads to a reduction in stored body fat.

   Promote Whole Body Definition:The more muscles used, the greater the production and release of HGH, or human growth hormone.

   Guard Your Shoulders from Injury:Pushups strengthen the stabilizing muscles around the rotator cuff.

   Enhance Your Posture:As you regularly engage in pushups, you fine-tune your core muscles which are responsible for your supporting posture.

   Ward Off Lower Back Injuries:Pushups engage your entire core which reduced pressure on your lower back.

   Increase Testosterone and Lower Osteoporosis Development: Several studies suggest the simple movements within the standard pushup promotes testosterone production and more dense bones.

   Builds Muscle Density: We losing muscle as we age. This in turn changes the way our body uses and burns energy. Doing pushups will reverse this and improve muscle density. 

Pushup Facts

According to The American College of Sports Medicine, the number of push-ups a female should be able to do is based on age. How do you stack up?

For women:

20 to 29 years 17 to 33
30 to 39 years 12 to 24
40 to 49 years 8 to 19
50 to 59 years 6 to 14
60+ 3 to 4

For men:

20 to 29 years 35 to 44
30 to 39 years 24 to 34
40 to 49 years 20 to 29
50 to 59 years 15 to 24

60+ 10 to 19

For females, this is based on push-ups done from the knees rather than the toes.

Pushup Quote

I like that I've been able to maintain a good stomach and chest. Push-ups and sit-ups are my go-to. It is the simplest routine and the best thing to maintain my stomach and chest. I'll do about 100 of each a day, usually when I'm already warmed up.
-Giancarlo Stanton, New York Yankee $335 million ballplayer


Your “Next Step”

  • At home, begin doing pushups.

  • Record how many you can do in one set.

  • Go out for a walk.

  • Pick a safe place to do pushups

  • Match you best home number.

  • Repeat the sequence, walk, pushups, walk, pushups, walk…

 In a short period of time you will be amazed at the progress you make in the number of pushups you can do and in how your body feels! 

You now know the 11 benefits of pushups on the body. Start incorporating pushups during you walks and take your health and fitness to a new level. 

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