Getting in the Zone in 5 Easy Steps

Getting in the Zone in 5 Easy Steps.

Ah, the zone, that “mythical” place where times stands still and all your focus is on the task at hand.

The zone is where our peak performance happens and where we produce our greatest results.

In this 4 minute video you will learn about getting in the zone in 5 easy steps.

Getting in the zone in 5 easy steps!

The Zone

Have you ever been in it? Can you learn to quickly get there? Can you use this state anytime you want to produce outstanding results?

At this point, I bet you’re saying, “Wait Frank, all I want to do is go out for a walk and get in better shape, you make it sound like I’m going to be playing in the NBA finals against Lebron James.”

Yes and no. No, you’re not preparing for the NBA finals, but yes isn’t life more interesting and enjoyable when you have a purpose in order to get the most out of it?

Getting in the zone in 5 easy steps is about a mindset that allows you to expand your thoughts and focus in on what will make you happier, healthier, and fitter.

Walking will help you to quickly accomplish this and much more!

Create a “Zone Optimization Plan”

he quicker we can get in the “zone” the quicker we get into the place where we get “lost in the moment”.

The zone is the place where we do our best; our best work, best thinking, best workout, and in our case our best walking.

It’s easy to get into the zone, or flow, if you choose an activity you love. By choosing walking as my way to health and fitness, getting into the zone is usually a breeze. I think about what I’ll be focusing on during my walk, then lace up the shoes, grab my water bottle and fanny pack and I’m out the door. And, because I have a routine, this process is so easy that by the time I get to the edge of my property, I’m there… in the zone.

As a side benefit, this routine of preparation extends to my home office, I can quickly get in the zone because I have a system of keeping my workspace uncluttered so the when it’s time to sit down and get to work I am prepared and raring to go.

5 Easy Steps to Getting in the Zone

  1. Find a worthy goal to achieve while walking. This doesn’t necessarily mean miles or time spent moving. It could be to come up with 3 new ideas to improve your job performance or what you’ll do this weekend to have more fun.

    • In fact, more and more, my walking has become less about the physical fitness and more about my mental state I get to when I’m in the zone.

    • Staying in shape is an added bonus!

  2. Think about what could act as immediate feedback.

    • For me, it’s that point where an answer to a pressing question comes to me. Often times it’s in the latter part of my walks. This has happened enough times for me to trust that the process works.

  3. Have your pre-walk routine in place (checklist)

  4. Take a centering breath before setting out on your walk.

  5. Get out the door and walk.

Trust that the process works and do it enthusiastically.

One way to get into the walking zone is to have a checklist of item you take with you on each walk I briefly glance at the list to make sure I have what I need when I’m out on the road walking. iphone? Check. Water? Check. Earbuds? Check. And so on.

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Your Next Step:

  • Download my Exclusive Get out the Door Checklist.

  • Have one pressing issue to think about.

  • Allow the process to work.

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