Keys to Staying Motivated When Walking

Keys to Staying Motivated When Walking

How exactly can you stay motivated to walk day after day? It’s easy to stay motivated when you know your why (video 1) and you can get yourself into the zone (Video 2).

I’ll go so far as to say that most people don’t suffer from lack of motivation, they suffer from lack of why! If you took the steps in the first two videos I posted on this topic, than your motivation is automatic.

Here a is a quick plan to keep you motivated.

Keys to Staying Motivated When Walking

• What’s your why? -See video 1 in this series.

• Create a vision in your mind or better yet, write down what you want to happen in the future -Video 1

• Be positive and have fun.

• Share it with positive people

• Plan it in detail -video 2

• Evaluate the feedback -video 2

• Create your zone optimization plan -video 2

• Develop your zone routine -video 2

• Succeed!

Here is the best part of walking for health and fitness, all of the above-mentioned action planning can be completed while walking! It doesn’t get any better than this!

Put your pressing topics or questions on your smartphone notes app.

Give them a read before heading out on your next walk and pretty quickly you will have you answers appear.

It’s almost magical how this process happens!

I’m here to tell you that time and again I’ve been flooded with possible solutions to the questions I’ve posed to myself before a walk.

This in turn keeps me motivated to get out and walk day after day!

Walk on,